Monday, August 1, 2011

These are my confessions.........

I try to be healthy.  Really, I do.  But, sometimes, I just can't help it...I do enjoy a few "guilty pleasures". 

And on a Monday, doesn't everyone want to confess their sins (oh wait, that's Sunday isn't it...oh well, I'll confess anyway....)

Anyone remember Usher's song from back in the day?  Well, that is where my title came from! 

Here are some of the things that I do enjoy:

1.  Diet coke---I know its got tons of weird ingredients that no one is sure of....but I sure know it tastes darn good to me and I look forward to my can every mornin'.

My "silver bullet"...sorry coors light

2.  M & Ms...Yes, everyday.  I usually enjoy it in this way, but sometimes just a handful of frozen ones are just enough to kill that chocolate craving.  It must be the shell...what do they use to make that so wonderful?  What color are your faves?  I'm partial to the red, blue...and green (haha)

3.  Chicken McNuggets.  From McDonalds.  Yep, not sure what's COMPLETELY in them...but I know that whether they are shaped like a round circle or a boot-like shape, I dig them.  Don't judge....its just something that reminds me of my childhood.  These aren't an everyday occurrence...more like once a month...but when I get that urge, you better watch out!  I'm high tailing it right to the golden arches....


4.  Sonic Oreo Blast.  Something about Oreos and Vanilla soft serve that does it for me. Don't worry 1-2, you've got nothing to worry about :)  But, its refreshing, not too sweet (despite the caloric content) and reminds me of those little softserve ice creams I got in the baseball helmets while watching minor league games....Okay, so I'm into reminding myself of what its like being a kid.  Shouldn't we all do that sometimes????  This is more like an every other week occurrence or so...or else I'd not be fitting into my shorts or skirts....and I certainly don't want that!


5.  My cowboy boots.  Finally, a non-food item.  Seriously, I LOVE these!  I wear them at least once a week, if not two or three times!  They go with just about everything (beside formal dresses) and add a chill, cool element to any outfit!  I also feel like I'm gonna whip someone's butt when I wear them....and this is just takes me one step closer to being that country bad-ass I've always wanted to be.  Something about looking down on them when I'm wearing them is just so empowering......don't you just want to get your own pair?

Thats mine for today (well, for this week at least.....)

What are your confessions today? Can't wait to hear!


See ya'll soon~

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