Friday, July 22, 2011

My Favorite Colors are "NEON" and "Red River Blue"--my Kitchen Playlist

Since I'm still under the weather and haven't felt like getting in the kitchen.....

I interrupt my normal food blogging (and lets face it, its not just food blogging, its pasta blogging as evidenced by here, here, and last 3 posts!) to talk to you a bit about music.

Well, my music to be exact.  The stuff that gets me going, moving, and singing at the top of my lungs driving down the road morning, noon, and night (yep, I'm that girl you look over and see singing and chuckle to yourself....cuz i'm loud and THINK I'm on key...and you know I'm not at all)

Yeah..I have no idea about this expression.

 But, I love country music.  I mean LOVE it!  I have my favorites for sure (Miranda Lambert and Jason Aldean are my top 2 all time faves!)...but, I have alot of runners up in that category.  Enter my new playlist these days:

Its my "Chris and Blake" in Chris Young and Blake Shelton.....
This playlist has it all...sweet songs...drinking songs (I know NOTHING 'bout this ;) )....sad songs....heartbreak songs (it IS a country album after all)...with both guy's voices that make each album very unique.  I highly recommend both.  You won't be disappointed.

So, check these out if you haven't.

I could go on and on about why I love country (I realize its polarizing for some people), but its real and so easy to relate to (well, maybe not ALL of my life..I'm not quite as redneck as some songs suggest) and just plain fun!

I'd like to think in another life, I was a gun toting, bad ass, huntin' chick, who spent her time hanging in honky tonks, drinkin' beer, and just hanging out listening to country music.

The reality is that I do hang out and listen to country music.  I do fish.  I do own a gun.  But, I'm not as bad ass as I would like to think.  I'm kinda perfectionist.  Anal retentive.  Quirky.  I've only really been in a few (read 2-3) honky tonks and not had that much beer.  And I've never been huntin....yet. 

I do own a sweet pair of cowboy boots though...and I feel rather bad ass wearing them...does that count?

So, if you happen to drive by my house and see the kitchen window blinds open...and I happen to be dancing 'round like a crazy fool while prepping dinner...just smile, know I'm rockin out to my country playlist, and pretend you didn't be honest, the roommate and boyfriend usually don't :)

So....what kind of music gets you going?  I'd love to hear!

I'll be back on Monday with another food post!

Enjoy your weekend!
See ya'll soon~

Note:  I'm just giving my opinion here about my music preferences.  I wasn't paid or anything to endorse these artists or review their albums.  Trying to be a responsible blogger here. :)

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  1. OH B! You are a complete bad ass. Don't deny it. Love the playlist.