Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun, Frugal Friday: My version of an M&M blast (don't knock it 'til you try it)

So, I love M&Ms...

Not just regular love, but a deep ingrained passion for that little brown bag of chocolate-y goodness.

I will do what it takes to get my hands on a bag (I've even been known to hide them from other people just so I have my fair share)

And now that I've let my secret out, guess I'll have to share......

Uh, yeah right.    Not gonna happen.

I especially love them in a M&M blast from Sonic.

However, I don't love what they do for my waistline.....

So, in an effort to actually lower the calories of the ice cream, I mixed it with another childhood whip!
Hmm you wonder......

Is that plain cool whip? 

Its weird you aren't quite sure of this...well, let me be the first to tell you its great and a lower calorie way to satisfy my craving...for only around 230 calories!  Wayyyyyy less than the 750 of the regular size m&m one..........

Oh. 750 calories. Yikes...maybe I should cut that to once a month instead of once a week..that might help this extra girth I've discovered around my waist recently......good things nutrition facts are online...

So, I get 80 calories worth of m&ms, which for the big ones are about 23. 

And then I take a container of cool whip (the 8 oz) container...divide the container into fourths...and then take out a quarter of the container and put that into a bowl.

I suppose I could be fancy and pulverize my m&ms into pieces and then mix it all together.

But, I'm way too un-classy for that.....just dumping them on top of the cool whip works for me....

I take just a bit of the m&ms in my spoon, allowing me to savor them until the end...then I slowly let them melt....ahhh, wonderful isn't it.....

Or maybe that is just me.

Just try it once.  You won't be disappointed!  And, you'll still be able to fit into your pants afterwards!

See ya'll soon~

Homemade M&M Blast for 1
inspired by Sonic

Print this recipe!

1/4 of 8 oz tub of light whipped topping (aka Cool Whip)
23 regular sized M&Ms

1.  Score the cool whip into fourths.  Take out one of the four sections and place in a bowl.
2.  Top cool whip with M&Ms.
3.  Serve with a spoon. 

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  1. I think that I would love this. Ha, ha. I LOVE m&m's... and I love cool whip. Have you ever had a dollop of cool whip over watermelon? It's heaven in a bowl!