Friday, July 29, 2011

Guest Post: Ginger's Thoughts.....

Hi WTR readers!  Its Ginger, Brooke's pup.  Mom FINALLY let me have some blog time.  She's been telling me all about the wonderful things happening on here and I wanted in.  She kept saying, "Another time Gingy."  Well, here's my big chance...she finally told me she'd let me write.

(To be honest, I think she said I could post today cuz I was so mad at her this morning...see, I had to go to the vet for a tooth extraction (Note from Mom:  just got the call and it wasn't just 1 tooth to be pulled, it was 3!!!!)...and mommy couldn't feed me....and I was soo hungry!  I even tapped her a couple of times with my paw to remind her I was here and needed food...but alas, even my cuteness couldn't make her deviate from the vet's orders.)

I'm an 8 year old rat terrier.  I was the only tri-color in my litter.  Mom picked me cuz I was so unique (at least that is what she tells me....I think its due to my looking like a mini I could protect her!)  But, I think I've only gotten better with age...she thinks I'm more rotten everyday.....

Look at my grey beard...can dogs use Just for Men...even if I'm a female???????

I enjoy playing with my tennis ball, tearing the stuffing and squeakers out of toys and destroying the cardboard rolls that come with toilet paper and paper towels.  That is probably why I have to get my teeth taken out so often...I break them cuz I play so hard! 

One of my fave buzzy bee!
I don't like it when Mom goes to work Monday-Friday.  Its sad to be at home all day with no one to play with.  Mom leaves me with all of my, water, my UNC blankie, and my country music (well, to be honest, I don't love country...but I'm afraid to tell Mom that one....she might cry) I just nap until she gets home...then I'm ready to roll. 

I lead such a horrible life I know....
My new thing is looking out the window to see the creatures that come by all day long....birds, squirrels, UPS delivery drivers, Fed-Ex delivery trucks, motorcycles, garbage trucks....the list goes on and on....I'm kinda scared of everything that is unknown.  So, I bark to let people know (Mom's roommate had to get used to that quick..I'm even known to bark at foreign objects at 5:30am!!!)

I just went swimming for the first time this past weekend.  It wasn't the greatest.  Though I do know how to swim, I'm just not into the whole hoopla with it....even with Mom telling me the pool was a big bath tub and that Daddy was right was just terrifying.  I think they are makin' plans to take me back...which just *thrills* me to no end....NOT! (Does anyone even use that line anymore?  I'm getting old I swear....)

I don't get to eat alot of food Mom makes...usually its got something in it that doesn't agree with me.  But, I do get to sample alot of her waffles and pasta dishes.  I just gobble up pasta noodles.  Who knew plain noodles would rock my world so much????  I love going up to my grandparent's house because they make breakfast just for me on Sunday mornings....bacon, grits, and biscuits!  I feel like a queen.

So regal.
My summer has been very low key.  Its been a hard summer for our family, so I've been close to my parents, snuggling with them every chance I get.  Its also been super duper I've just wanted to stay inside.  It wears me out to walk black coat gets even hotter in the hot sun! 

Its so much fun being the only "kid" in the family too!  Gifts abound from all sides!  I've tried on clothes to be girlie...but didn't like them.  I want to go fishin with my parents...but they are scared I'd rock the boat too much...and we'd all end up in the pond!  I don't think they'd like that too much....I don't think I would either.

Whew!  Thinking and writing this has worn me out.  Consider this my first post....the next few will be funny as I tell ya'll about the crazy things my family does to keep me happy.  Its time for my nap...but Mommy has to whisk me away to the vet (which I am NOT looking forward to let me tell you).  Wish me luck....I'll have visions of bacon and noodles until I get home and Mommy can take care of me!  Thanks for letting me talk...I'll be back again to chat...this was fun!

Gingy :)

ps...Thanks to Lily on Marci Gilbert's Blog for inspiring me to think I could write too!

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