Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Kitchen Bucket List.....

So, there are things that I want to do...but haven't yet. 

Remember Monday's conversation...when I talked about fears.  Yeah, I have them.  In ALOT of areas of my life.  Some rational, some irrational.  Ask 1-2 he'll tell you.

But, I do have a secret.  I have a bucket list of kitchen things I want to accomplish. 

Most have bucket lists about life things....bungee jumping, visit certain countries, reading certain books, meeting certain people, being on know, the adventures that give you amazing stories to tell your children, grandchildren....or just your friends one drunken night...I'll never tell. =)

 I have this dream.....this dream where I am just able to have the time to bake wonderful goodies and make yummy dinners...all with a smile on my face and they all turn out beautifully.

Oh wait....I'm romantic and OF COURSE I'd be all about that dream.  Because in reality that doesn't really happen.  Not really at all actually.  And the more I try to be little miss baker/perfectionist/dinner guru, it kinda blows up in my face.

Its in those dream moments, my bucket list gets created.

Or, these the stands of Williams Brice....

What?  You don't think about other things while watching football?

Yeah...I don't either. 

Anyway, here is my beginning of my bucket list.  Some I have done...and by some I mean I've done one.

1.  Roast a chicken.  (I totally have a fear of raw chicken so this is a biggie for me).
2.  Make BBQ in the slow cooker.
3.  Fettuccine Alfredo
4.  Learn how to make a good baked potato (Mine.Are.Awful!!!!)
5.  Fry chicken (I've NEVER done this...Paula Deen would be so upset with me)
6.  Cheesecake (afraid of water baths.....I told you, irrational fears.....)
7.  Cook steak (thats usually 1-2's job)
8.  Red Velvet Cake from scratch (1-2's favorite)
9.  Mom's Chex Mix...its not the holidays without it
10.  BBQ Ribs
11.  Whoopie Pies
12.  Cake in a jar
13.  Make my own vanilla extract
14.  Make homemade ice cream
15.  Corn dogs (don't of my kiddie faves)
16.  Pretzel crusted baked chicken
17.  Philly Cheesesteaks
18.  Chicken fajitas
19.  Make my own pizza dough (I rely on Walmart's brand mix 100% of the time)
20.  Cinnamon Rolls

So, those are my dreams.....and I know with my new discovery of pinterest, I'm sure this list will be added to very fast!  But, its always great to go back and choose something that I'm afraid of and conquer it.....

I'm going back to my new obsession...cornhole......

1-2 made these boards for us...aren't they sweet?
What about you?  What are your culinary feats you'd like to attempt?  I'd love to hear.....thanks for reading!  

See ya'll soon~

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