Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Views....and Planning for the week

Just a couple pics from the weekend:

You knew it had to do with football didn't you????

Well, we were under the lights.....did I mention I love football on a fall night?  And we got the victory...not the prettiest win...but a "W"'s to 4-0 Gamecock Nation!

 And, we had a helluva storm on Sunday night...knocked out power 'round here for HOURS!  But, after the fury was unleashed....we had the prettiest double rainbow behind our house (now, if you look hard can kinda see the double rainbow up above the brighter one).  Nice way to remember that after the storm, there's always a rainbow to make you smile.....

Here is what is on tap for this week:

I'm still sick.  Boo...I don't know how this happened.  But, both the roomie and 1-2 have come down with it..this cold/flu-ish type illness.  Now, either I'm the most germy person in the world...or everyone else around here has it too.  I swear I  keep things super clean when I'm sick to avoid those "death to you" stares as they are coughing or sneezing their heads off.  Guess I'll be getting those this evening.  Except, I'm gonna be dishing them right back.  I hate being sick and I'm a big baby taking medicine too! 

Work is going okay.  Had my big event yesterday during Parent's Weekend....and it went well.  It was over wayyyy before the storms came through.  So, this week I'm kinda coasting until advisement starts.  Quick...don't tell anyone...especially my boss!

We lost power for a good 5.5-6 hours last night into this morning.  Not good for a girl who went to the grocery store yesterday.....

So, my meal plan is kinda screwy this week.  I do have a few new recipes for the blog that I'll be posting soon, but for now....Happy Monday!  Hope you have a good day!

See ya'll soon!

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