Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welcome Back to Blogspot WTR Readers and Cooking in Pearls Debut!

Hey everyone!  Thanks for moving over here with me!  I switched over from Wordpress (for me, its more user friendly.) If this is your first time to WTR, Welcome!  I've been blogging since November 2010, but have taken a bit of a break as I thought about how to improve the blog.  Now, I'm recharged and ready to go...I have major plans for the blog and hope you'll be here to join me!   I will post up the recipes I put on the Wordpress version of my blog, but sadly, there are no pictures....I've learned my lesson...always take pics!

And now, without further adieu......

here it is....my roommate and I put together a little video for the Real Women of Philadelphia cooking contest (and lo and behold they only want one person in the video at a time), so instead of submitting it there...we are submitting it here for your enjoyment!  Welcome to Cooking in Pearls..... and enjoy!


So, we are thinking of making this maybe a monthly feature on the blog....we want to cook what you want to learn about!  So, let me know and we'll get it started! 

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